Universal top coat, recommended over natural nails, french, clear & colour gel to prevent discolouring from over-exposure of sunlight.

Fast drying and durable with UVA absorbers.

Apply every 3 to 4 days to keep gel nails looking in perfect condition with no damage.



Kills fungus spores in contact.

Topical acting anti-fungal treatment that must come into contact with infection.

Should be applied 3 times a day.



Used as a 2-week programme to help strenghten the natural nail.

For nails that are fragile, weak, soft and brittle.

Nail Polish can be applied over Calstrong without affecting its performance.


High Gloss Top Coat

A high gloss finish on top of nail polish.


Cuticle Oil (Calgel)

Prevents dryness.

Stops cracking and peeling.

Mild Almond fragrance.


Base Coat

Gives maximum adhesion of nail polish to nails, nail polish will last longer when applied over this product.

The translucent white colour will enhance the look of even the most transparent nail colours.



Resin to apply nail tips and also to use with silk or fibre.

Available in 15ml Nozzle Tip.


Sponge Boards

You will be able to effectively buff right into the cuticle and sides of the natural nail with little or no chance of cutting your cuticles.

Available in 2 grit sizes:

Orange - 180 grit

Blue - 240 grit


Nail Varnish Stand

Made of a tough, clear plastic material.

This stand allows you to display 30 colours of nail polish.


Comfort Pad

A soft cushion for your hands to rest on while doing nails.


Comfort Pad Cover

Removable and washable cover for the Comfort Pad.


Cuticle Tool

Versatile stainless steel instrument.

Easy to clean & sterilize.

Essential for stirring Gel.


Pumice Sponge (Out Of Stock)

The Pumice Sponge works gently to remove rough, dry skin from hands and feet.

The Sponge removes hard or callused skin from hands and feet with or without soap.


Cuticle Cream

For soothing repair of damaged and dry cuticles.

Helps to soften the cuticles, making your fingers look soft and moist.

Especially formulated for nail cuticles which can be dry and damaged in dry conditions.

Available in 15ml tube.


Hand Cream

Ideal handbag size tube, 30ml.

Latest technology that restores the natural balance of healthy skin.

Non-greasy, so it is easy to apply anywhere, so you do not need to wipe if off each time.


Keeps your hands soft and feels conditioned.


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