Callous File & Blades

Used to remove the hard callouses on heels.

Callous File Plastic (Blue or White) -  R38

Callous File Blades (pack of 10) -  R22

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Toe Separators

R6 each


A Toe Separator is a soft material where toes are inserted to keep them apart to prevent a freshly painted toenail from staining or touching another toe.

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Nail Cutter



Nail Cutters are used to cut your nails, as well as those extra hard nails that are so difficult to cut.

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Toenail Clipper



Toenail Clippers are used to cut your toenails.

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Pumice Sponge (Out Of Stock)



The Pumice Sponge works gently to remove rough, dry skin from hands and feet.

The Sponge removes hard or callused skin from hands and feet with or without soap.

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