Hot Wax             R280 each

Hot Wax is more like the consistency of thick honey and when applied, it dries, and the wax is flicked up at one corner and ripped off that way, without the use of wax strips.

Easy to use for all areas, as well as bikini area, underarm and face.

Available in 1kg.

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Film Wax

Film Wax is an improved version of the Hot Wax.  Film Wax has lower melting temperature (40-42°C degrees).  Film Wax carefully follows the relief of the depilated area, catches all the hairs close to the skin surface, which allows to remove hair from the difficult zones on the first try.

Easy to use for all areas, as well as bikini area, underarm and face.

Champagne Shimmer Film Wax


Available in 800g.

Geranium Film Wax


Available in 1kg.

          Wax Pot      R480

Wax Pot Heater for Hot Wax, Film Wax and Strip Wax.

                   Paraffin Wax      R250 each

Paraffin Wax treatments are luxurious spa treatments that are intended to moisturize and soften the skin.  Paraffin Wax treatments are most often applied to the hands and feet as components of manicures and pedicures respectively.  Paraffin Wax is unlike more common spa wax that is used for hair removal on the face and body.  That type of wax is much more viscous and bonds top the skin.

Paraffin Wax is a softer wax because of the paraffin oil component.  Because it is a soft wax, it melts at a lower than normal temperature.  This means that the skin can be submerged in the wax without causing burning or blistering.

Spa specialists melt blocks of paraffin wax in Paraffin Wax Pots.  During these treatments, beauticians have their clients dip their hands or feet into the melted wax one or more times to coat the skin in a generous layer.  The hands or feet are then wrapped in plastic, or some other non-absorbent material and left to "soak" in the layer of wax for up to half an hour.

Available in Lavender & Peach.

Available in 1kg.

                  Strip Wax      R235 each

Strip Wax is very thin and you need to use wax strips over the top to take it off.

This is generally used for areas such as the arms & legs.

Available in 800g.

              Wax Cartridges      R52 each

Available in Azulene, Champagne Shimmer, Honey, Lemongrass & Pomegranate.

Roller Wax Heater with Base


Used to heat Wax Cartridges.

Wax Strips

R45 per packet

Wood Spatulas

R15 per packet

Packet of 20.