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Trind Nail repair

Trind Nail Repair

R239 each

The nail plate is mainly made up of keratin (protein molecules). The active ingredients in Nail Repair strengthens the keratin strands within the nail resulting in beautifully strong nails in just 2 weeks when used daily.

Trind Anti-Bite

Trind Anti-Bite

R239 each

Trind developed a nail strengthener with an unpleasant bitter taste specifically for nail biters.

The nail strengthening effect of this product is based on the same principle as our other Nail Repair products (strengthens the nails by firmly connecting protein molecules).

Trind Thinner.jpg

Trind Thinner

R80 each

 Trind Thinner dilutes dried-out or thick nail polish.

Makes old nail polish easier to apply. 

Lengthens the life of any nail polish.

Trind Nail White Pencil

Trind Nail White Pencil

R84 each

Trind Nail White Pencil is a quick alternative for French White. This pencil will highlight and accentuate the nail tips like a French Manicure in seconds. 

Before use, moisten the point of the pencil. Then apply under the nail tip free edge. The nail tips will immediately become beautifully white and perfectly pampered.

Trind Nail Polish

R95 each

Trind's Caring Color range are caring nail polishes keeping nails in optimal condition. It is an advanced nail polish formula that not only provides a beautiful color but protects and strengthens them as well.

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