Cuticle Pushers

Used to push back cuticles.

Can also be used to remove Gel after soaking the nails in Acetone.

Cuticle Pusher Plastic


Cuticle Pusher with Cut End


Stainless Steel Cuticle Pusher Small

(Out of Stock)   R28

Stainless Steel Cuticle Pusher


Cuticle Trimmer / Cutter

Ideal to remove cuticles and perfect to use when doing Gel extensions.

Small Cutter


Cuticle Trimmer


Dust Brush

The Dust Brush is used to remove all dust particles when filing or buffing.

Only available in Blue.

Dust Brush

(Out of Stock)  R55

Manicure Brush -  R17 each

The Manicure Brush is used to remove the dust from the nails.

Hook Brush -  R7 for packet of 2

The Hook Brush is used to scrub the nails and fingers.

Orangewood Sticks

Orangewood Sticks can be used to push back the cuticles, to stir the

Colour Gel, and also to clean up close to the cuticles after

application of a product.

Short and long Orangewood Sticks available.

Short (10 Pack) -  R12 per pack

Long (10 Pack) -  R14 per pack

Ruby Stone -  R33

The Ruby Stone is used to remove overgrowth of the cuticle after pushing back the cuticles.

Stork Scissor -  R42 each

Used to cut Silk, Fibre & Nail-Art.

Available in Silver & Gold.

Normal Scissor -  R35 each

Used to cut Silk, Fibre & Nail-Art.

Only available in Silver.

Nail Cutter -  R148

Nail Cutters are used to cut your nails, as well as those extra hard nails that are so difficult to cut.

Cuticle Nipper (Pink)

(Out of Stock)   R60

Cuticle Nipper (Silver)

(Out of Stock)   R53

Cuticle Nippers are used to cut those hard to reach places on your cuticles, as well as those extra tough cuticles.

(Designs may vary)

Tweezer -  R28 each

Only pointed tweezer in stock.

Tweezer -  R28 each

Different colours available.

Eyelash Tweezer (Silver) -  R38 each

Out of stock: Bend tip

Eyelash Tweezer (Black) -  R15 each

2 Designs to choose from.

Scissor Tweezer

R28 each

3-in-1 Manicure Tool -  R20

Includes Sapphire Files, Cuticle Pusher & Cuticle Cutter.

Cuticle Tool -  R44

This tool is used for stirring the gel in the pots.

It can also be used to push back the cuticles.

Calgel Cuticle Tool -  R45

Versatile stainless steel instrument.

Easy to clean & sterilize.

Essential for stirring gel.

Manicure Set -  R55

Utensils for maintaining your nails.