99% Pure Acetone.

Used for soaking Gel or Acrylic nails.

It can also be used to clean your brushes.

125ml Acetone -  R20

250ml Acetone -  R30

1L Acetone -  R50

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Acetone-Free Polish Remover


Acetone-Free Polish Remover is used to remove top coat or nail polish, as well as the top coat on Gel or Acrylic nails.

125ml Acetone-Free -  R25

250ml Acetone-Free -  R35

1L Acetone-Free -  R60

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Sanitizer is used to sterilize the prepared nail before applying the product.

It is also used to remove the sticky residue of the Gel after final curing.

It can be used to clean your brushes, as well as your UV or LED Lamp.

125ml Sanitizer -  R30

250ml Sanitizer -  R45

1L Sanitizer -  R80

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Calguard should be used after removing Nail Polish, Gel or Acrylic.

Also before doing any work on the nail and the application of any product.

It removes all traces of oils and temporarily dehydrates the natural nail for maximum product adhesion.


It removes the sticky residue from Gel after curing.

125ml Calguard -  R25

250ml Calguard -  R38

1L Calguard -  R80

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Formulated to remove Gel or Acrylic safely and will not damage the natural nail.

Contains moisturising oil and will not damage the cuticles.

125ml Calaway -  R23

250ml Calaway -  R37

1L Calaway -  R80

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Liquid Pump & Twistlock.png

Liquid Pump Bottle / Twistlock

Containers for liquids.

Nail Soakers

Nail Soakers

To soak off your Gel or Acrylic.