Small Soaker

Available in Black.



Nail Soakers

Available in Pink.

Packet of 10 Pieces.



Quick Soak Bowl

Just pour warm water (not too hot) in the bottom half of the bowl and Acetone in the top half.



Nail Wraps (Packet of 10)

Saturate the pad with Acetone.  Hold the pad on the nail.  Wrap tightly around your finger and press to seal the end.

Leave the wrap on for 10 minutes then pull the wrap gently from your finger.  Gently remove the remaining product from your nails with an orangewood stick.



Nail Wraps (Packet of 100)

See directions on Nail Wraps Packet of 10.



Aluminium Foil

Can be used for gel, acrylic, etc.

With serrations on the packaging box, it is more convenient to take a certain length.

Seal to prevent the rapid evaporation of the Acetone-Free or Acetone and can avoid finger being immersed in too much liquid, eliminating a lot of damage.

Size: 50m x 10cm

Thickness: 0,025mm


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