Brush Holder

Ideal to keep your brushes from rolling off the table

R60 each

R30 each

            Corrector Pen            R38

Polish Corrector Pen is used to remove nail polish smudges on the cuticles.

It can also be used to make the smiley of the white polish when doing a french manicure.

Comes with extra corrector tips.


(Empty - Fill with Nail Polish Remover before use) 

Practice Hand          R140

Used to practice doing nails.

Manicure Tip Guides         R33

Manicure Tip Guides help you

to paint your nails with perfect

lines every time.

Contains 2 Sheets.

Manicure Stickers         R22

Manicure Stickers help you

to paint your nails with perfect

lines every time.

Contains 1 Sheet.

Nail Forms (for Extensions)

These forms are used to lengthen the natural nail without using tips.

Horseshoe Forms

R0.40 each

R55 per Roll

Thick Forms

R85 per Roll

Square Forms

R0.50 each

R70 per Roll

Extension Form Dispenser

(Out Of Stock)

R55 each

Re-Usable Nail Forms         R110 per packet

Packet of 5 re-usable forms.

             Nail Wheel Blank        R18

This can be used to paint nail colors on the display.

         Nail Display    R88

Nail Display with separate nails on sticks.

          Nail Sticks     R50

30 Nail Sticks on a ring.

Used to display nail colors.

Available in natural and clear.

Nail Tidy               R130

The ideal tidy for a neat work space.

Finger Cots               R12

Used to protect your fingers from the

liquids and filing.

Comes in packet of 20.

Available in Small & Medium.

Practice Finger               R20

Practice makes perfect.

Size 4 tip easily fits into this practice finger.

1-Way Varnish Holder

R28 each

3-Way Varnish Holder

R40 each

Flex Wrap               R38 each

Used to protect your fingers when filing.

Trind Nail Repair   R239

Used to repair natural nails.

Trind Thinner   R80

Lengthens the life of any nail polish.

Trind Anti-Bite   R239

Perfect for nail biters.